Tips & Secrets for Photoshoots on Location - How I do it!

Hello amazing people,

I wanted to start sharing with you some of my photoshoots and experiance as a MakeUp Artist (especially when you are at the beginning, very often you have no
idea what you are doing when on location
), but I’m happy to share with you
some of my secrets and I’ll be absolutely happy if it makes even a little
difference with your confidence as a MakeUp Artist.

There are so many things you can do at the location and there are so many locations to choose from, and sometimes it can be very uncomfortable as it’s not really your “natural habitat” in the beauty centre, makeup room or photo studio. In some way you can never know what to expect from the photoshoot on the location and what conditions will you be working at, and very often people underestimate the work involved, as they don’t
know what happens behind the scenes.

Depends what expectations your client has and what the final result do you want to archieve as as team from your photoshoot ( or video) , sometimes only one location for entire photoshoot isn’t enough and you need to change places in order to get the better result. But I’ll also tell
you, it’s quite difficult as some places are quite remote and you have to keep
your focus and concentration when you do the photoshoot outside, you’re limited
for time with quality light (once the Sun goes down it’s all over) :D

Make sure you bring some food with you (especially water)

as you wont have time to go
and do shopping, especially if you are in a forest, beach or remote location
etc, there’s no way you can find any place to eat :) (so keep you sugar &
food level high, you’ll work better). But of course if you are in the area where you can fina a bar or caffe and have 15 - 20 min of break it makes the life much easier

The most difficult part ( for me ) when I do a photoshoot on location is that you never know where are you going to do your makeup!! :P

You can end up doing it on the ground, at the beachm anything you can only imagine, but the most “common” way I think it’s actually in the car.

When you’re working on location , your big enemy is wind ( for me ), and if it’s super windy it makes your work almost impossible ( in this case make sure you don’t use a lip gloss as it will end up all over the model’s face because of it catching in her hair)

Also, if i’ts summer, makeuo sure you drink lot’s of water because of the heat ( very important )…and make sure the model stays hydrated also (use a straw so it doesn’t mess up the lips ).

Note: ALWAYS bring your most used brushes ( not all of them ), even the powder brush and hair brush can be enough with hair spray for touch ups during the shoot ( especially if it’s a long walk from the car to the location , take your makeup belt but leave your makeup case in the car).


during the shoot as you
have to make sure everything is perfect and the photographer usually shouldn’t
have to tell you that, you have to be proactive to see if there is something
that needs touching up, etc. (That doesn’t mean you should disturb the
photographer’s work and be in the shot, your job is to find the right moment

;) )

Professionalism, organisation & observation are all key skills to
keep in mind on location.

I’m sure that this has
information has been useful, keep coming back for more tips, reviews &

Now go out there and createsome makeup magic :D

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