Hey beautiful people,

I came across really interesting and entertaining video of Wayne Goss (amazing makeup artist) regarding makeup trends that were born through many different “beauty gurus” on instagram and youtube and that many people interprated in all sorts of ways. 


Not everything that you can find online means that is something you should definitely do and experiment with yourself, as there is such a thing as common sense and not always you should follow the masses of people that are doing it.

So here there are some really good advice that should make you think and maybe review some of the ways you apply your makeup :)

1) Do not apply too much foundation (base )

there is nothing worst that look like a fake doll or something like that as it take away all you natural look. Just remember that well applied makeup is the makeup that definitely evidence your beauty but you almost can’t really tell what exactly has been done.

2) Do not exagerate with too much concealer

Try to go for really light products that doesn’t make you look like you have tonne of makeup on and where you have a huge uneven light on your face. You should keep the balance of natural healthy looking face. Don’t over do it.

3) NO to very dark and unnatural eyebrows

The eyebrows are so extremely important in our faces. It can visually change our face shape and make us look better or worst. Make sure you use the right products to not make your eyebrows look fake and almost like glued into your face. Consider your hair colour for not creative a huge difference of colour between them.

4) Do not exagerate with too much highlighter on your nose.

You don’t want to look like a shiny Christmas tree and get all the attention on your nose instead of other features on your face. Make sure you apply a tiny ammount using just a tip of your finger and no going heavily and make it super shiny.

5) NO to sharp and unnatural contour

Once again you don’t want to look like a sculpture with your overdone and unreal looking contouring. Our face has natural volumes and shadows that you should consider and with that try to evidence your beauty and “hyde you diffects”, but at the same time try to make your lines more natural looking. It just doesn’t look right.

6) Extremely Nude Lips.

Please, choose your lip colour wisely, considering your skin tone and the total look you have, as beautiful lip colours are the final touch you can give to your look and not to ruin it with extremely unnatural almost pale looking lips. 

7) Too much shimmer on your face.

You don’t want to look like a shiny plastic. Just remember that the more you will put on , the more you will attract the wrong attention on yourself. There are certain areas where shimmer goes, plus if you have already very shimmery eyeshadows try to avoid to put lots of shimmer on and above your cheeks. A small ammount is enough to make your look glow and complete the look with a bit of a highlight.

8) Wrong nose contour

Onces again, pay attention of how you do it. Don’t forget to follow the natural shadows of your nose, and join the line where your eyebrows are, you can’t have the disconnect line of it.

9) Panda Eyes and dripping lipgloss

whenever you do your eyes, don’t over do your bottom lid. You don’t want to have a panda eyes or to look like you have dark circles in under your eyes. Pay attention of how you do it and  whatever you want to apply, use half of it.

Don’t put extra lipgloss. A small ammount is enough to make your lips look glossy but not something like a dripping oil from your lips. It can look great on photoshoot or photos but in real life it’s not very practical.

 I hope this post was usefull for you and hopefully we can all agree on make up trends that shouldn’t exist anymore.

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